Language of Light


Zenith Omega™ has been poetically described as the "Language of Light".

Zenith Omega™ energy work re-establishes the link between mind, body and spirit using sound, colour, and sacred geometry so that we may be whole again. In that wholeness, we find an emotional and physical healing, we find our true selves and we find the inherit power of choice. Zenith Omega™ helps us see through illusions, self-generated or otherwise.

It is a tool, a key that unlocks the door to our inner selves and allows us to re-claim what is our natural heritage: Intuition, self and psychic awareness, inspiration, our creative process, good health and healing, our very essence and being.

Clearing for Happiness-level 1

More precisely, the Zenith Omega™ practitioner directs a specific set of color wavelengths (frequencies-energies) into the body through one of the body’s energy pathways, following a pattern selected from over four hundred energy pattern diagrams. These diagrams comprised the Zenith Omega™ Volumes 1 through 6. Each diagram represents a specific set of energy movements for a specific energy block.

As the color energy patterns resonate through the body’s energy pathways, it flows into the surrounding cellular structure and permeates all the way to the very DNA, and begins to release energy blocks at the genetic level.

This is fine for the body! But what about the energy fields for the spirit…. The mind?

Because Zenith Omega™ is designed to clear ALL blockages, this color energy infiltrates into all of the energy fields that surround the body, where the energy begins to release issues and stagnant patterns-blockages-that have been stored, programmed, or encoded there. With the cleared fields of energy, the mind begins to see through illusionary issues and stagnant patterns, and can now make choices from a more realistic aspect, rather than through false illusions, fear, anger, ego, greed and guilt, one or more of those debilitating and crippling dis-eases.

Zenith Omega™ peels back those layers of paint from the light bulb, yourself, until the light begins to shine through as clearly and as brightly as it had before.

The techniques of Zenith Omega™ are taught through the “HANDS ON” TRAINING METHOD. Each student is guided through the patterns of the techniques, pic-o-graph type manuals.