All classes are created based on practical techniques that are presented in a very clear manner. There are 5 volumes of healing energy clearings, then there is a class called Light Body Acceleration which is a book consisting of all spiritual healing only for the Light Body.

Zenith Omega™ is unique in that as you give a clearing, you receive it as well! This is interesting as the balance of energies is unified throughout the auric fields of both, client and practitioner.

Many key points in the meridian system are utilized throughout the clearings as the main locations for the input of the colored energies which is practiced throughout both days. There is a lot to work with and learn in this first level as it is a New Language that the body and mind must re-learn.

Everyone is welcome to experience this transformational healing tool. No prior healing experience is necessary.

Volume# of
Training fee USD
Length of
initial training

ONE: is the Foundation of all other Zenith Omega volumes, deals with more basic blockages that hinder and plague us e.g. Change, Fear, Anger, Truth, Acceptance

483002 days
TWO: deals with more basic blockages that hinder and plague us e.g. Procrastination, Memory, Jealousy, Trust, Prosperity, Restoration & Balance

683501 day
THREE: is working with the Mental & Emotional issues, dealing with the more complex energies and blockages

974502 day
FOUR: is working with the Physical issues, dealing with the more complex energies and blockages

755502 days
FIVE: increases in intensity and complexity as your knowledge of the energy increases and grows

9212002 days

9215003 days
LIGHTBODY ACCELERATION: designed to assist one to accelerate and balance all bodies and activate the Light Body Process8212002 days
3 days for regionals

"Zenith Omega™ workshops are truly a powerful and fulfilling experience greeted with joy and awakening within yourself as the gifts of Zenith Omega™ are revealed to you, through you".

Further more if you wish to re-experience a class, or gain further practice on a level that you’ve already taken, you may do so with minimal charge.

All seminars include folders and clearings which require special work/atunement, provided by the Master Trainer/Teacher at a time convenient to you.

Please note :: Refund Notice ::
If you have paid for a training class and you need to cancel, there will be no refund.
You will be rescheduled and have credit towards another training class.